Mom Tribes: When You are on the Outside Looking In

Mom Tribes are great. . . as long as you are in one. But for the introverted, lonely moms out there, Mom Tribes make our loneliness even greater. When we see the other moms having fun and talking and laughing, we shrink a little smaller. We build up the walls that we think protect us but what those walls are really doing is making us unapproachable.

Mom Tribe drinking wine

Even back in high school I was a loner. I had one or two close friends and a bunch of acquaintances. I was never invited to hang out, not because no one liked me but because no one ever thought about me. It almost felt like I was invisible.

Fast forward 20 years and I feel like I am back in high school. Invisible again. 

To the Mom Tribes:


So to the groups of mom walkers in the neighborhood, the dance moms, the soccer moms, the library moms. . . I ask you to please be open and inviting.  9 times out of 10 the mom who is alone doesn’t want to be alone. She just lacks the confidence to talk to a group or she fears rejection. Say “hi” and ask a new mom if they want to sit with you or walk with you. She might say no and that is fine but at least you tried. You might also find a great addition to your Mom Tribe.


To the Lonely Moms:

And to the introvert moms out there. . .  you need to be open to the invitation. Make eye contact and smile. Don’t always be reading a book or looking at your phone. Even if you can’t bring yourself to be the first to talk because you fear rejection, at least be open to accept the invitation if and hopefully when it comes!

Woman Alone


Being a mom is a hard job and we all need a Mom Tribe to be a part of!


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