To Swim or Not to Swim That is the Question

To swim or not to swim, that is the question.

Or rather to take swim lessons or not to take swim lessons. My youngest, Callie, took swim lessons as a preschooler and hated it! I mean one lesson she screamed the entire class and the instructor had to hold her . . .  the whole time. And it was all because she hates to put her head under water. I know swim lessons are a valuable tool to help prevent drowning but for us they were torture.

feet kicking in swimming pool

Fast forward 4 years:

She comes home the second day of third grade with a flier for after school swim lessons for 3rd graders. A new program our district is running. She was so happy and excited to try, so I hesitantly sent in my $40 and permission slip. The first and second lesson, no problems (they didn’t jump in). The third lesson, they spent a lot of time trying to get her to jump in, and finally she jumped while holding the instructor’s hand. She was not a happy camper though. The fourth lesson, I got there to pick her up after the lesson was finished, but the instructor said she had to drop her in the pool. Callie was pissed when she came out of the locker room.

Swimming Pool Stairs


We are halfway through the lessons and Callie doesn’t want to go anymore. And when this kid doesn’t want to do something she becomes very persistent. A lot of pouting, dragging of feet and flat out refusing to move is what is happening in my house before school each swim day. Not sure what I will find when I get to pool to pick her up today but I am sure it won’t be fun.


So my question is do I make my life easier and let her quit? Or do I stay firm and make her go? Will being dropped in the pool 4 more times really improve her odds of not drowning all that much? I have no idea what the right answer is. I just know Tuesday and Thursday mornings around here right now suck!

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