Battle Chaos in Your Life and Start a Bullet Journal

I always feel a little bit lost in the chaos that is life. To fight this lost feeling, I surround myself with to do lists and calendars. I have a weird addiction to notebooks and journals. Maybe magically they will make my life easier. Lists get started in these pretty books, then forgotten, then I get irritated that I ruined a perfectly good notebook with 5 pages of irrelevant lists. In the end, all of the cute little notebooks end up in the trash.  

But recently a new fad popped up on Pinterest. . . the Bullet Journal!

One notebook that contains ALL of your lists! Mind blowing concept here I know. I was always hesitant to try this technique because it seemed so final. What if I started a list and I didn’t like it? The whole book would be ruined. My control freak nature started to let doubts creep in.

Bullet Journal and gel pens


But September 1st I jumped in full force with my Bullet Journal and I honestly figured that I would give up by now. But here we are entering October and I am still journaling every day. The most time consuming part is the weekly layouts. I do a two page spread for each week. All of the other pages are lists that you can add to each month. For example my Bullet Journal has a list of books I have read this year, a list of books I want to read, a list of chores that need done each month, passwords to online sites and my goals for the year.

I have found that writing down your goals, errands and chores for the day causes a sense of commitment and checking them off when they are completed gives me satisfaction. Commitment and satisfaction are two great motivators!


Two things that stop people from starting a Bullet Journal are perfectionism and cost!

#1: Perfectionism

Now some people take bullet journaling to the next level. Just search “Bullet Journal” on Pinterest and you will see beautiful, creative and artistic spreads. But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that for you. You can start off simple and build on your journal as you learn new techniques.  I also used to hate my handwriting, but I realized that when I slow down and concentrate, I can achieve legible (maybe not beautiful) handwriting. 

#2: Cost

Cost might be another factor for a lot of people . I started out with a $6 notebook I picked up at TJ Maxx and a pack of gel pens from Amazon for under $20. You don’t even need the colored pens if you can’t afford them starting off. Just a good pen and a will to be organized.

I highly recommend trying a Bullet Journal. Don’t wait for a new year or a new month to start!  Start with a page like Daily Routines or Monthly Chores. Don’t let cost or perfectionism stop you from finally getting organized.


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