Bruno Mars, Wine and Social Anxiety

I had a truly amazing night yesterday! I saw Bruno Mars in concert! First concert I have been to in 20 years.

Bruno Mars on Stage

The Invite:

So a little back story to get us to the amazing night. . . I got a text from my friend inviting me to go to the Bruno Mars concert in a limo with her and 4 of her other friends to celebrate her 50th birthday. Immediately red flags went up in my introverted socially anxious mind. She said four friends and I heard four strangers, in a small space for hours. But I shut down the voices and checked my calendar. I was free that night and nothing scheduled for the next day either. No excuse to say no, so I immediately texted her back that I would love to go. If I had waited even one day to respond, I would have talked myself out of going. Social situations have never been something I willing jump into.

The Panic:

And then the panic set in. I really wanted to go. It would be an awesome experience and she invited me so she must want me there. But as always, I doubted myself. I worried about making conversation and fitting in. Feeling like I belong. For some reason all my life, I have felt always slightly out of the loop, quiet and awkward.

So after texting countless pictures to my daughter at college, I picked out an outfit. I finished getting ready to go and felt really pretty as I walked out my door. Once I got to her house there were the introductions and pictures in front of the limo. Then we all piled in and off we went!

Friends in front of limo









The Best Time Ever:

And guess what? I had so much fun! There was no awkward silence. We all talked about our kids and ourselves and friends we have in common! After the initial introductions, I didn’t feel my social anxiety creep in at all. I felt like a part of a group. It was one of the most relaxed evenings I have had in a social setting in a very long time. The wine may have helped with that just a bit!

Friends at the concert

My hope is that I can take this experience and move forward and be able to put myself out there more often. And maybe not listen to my negative inner self quite so much. This world is filled with amazing people and experiences. If we don’t let our guard down, we may never notice them.

I took a chance and met four wonderful ladies Tuesday night!  And Bruno Mars was pretty fabulous too!

Bruno Mars Concert

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