The Mom Mantra: Pick Your Battles

One parenting mantra I have lived by for the last 20 years has been “pick your battles!” So she doesn’t want to wear pants today even though it is freezing outside. Okay wear the dress. So he doesn’t want to eat the veggies. Okay so just eat the chicken nuggets. Then later when I have to make someone take icky medicine, I can and will win that battle because I have to.

The Battle of the Orange Toothbrush

But when do they start to realize that “pick your battles” works both ways????? Yesterday we had to go to a follow up dentist appointment for her “sleep dentistry” that she had two weeks ago. They had removed 7 teeth and filled 3 cavities (yes, I know we need to do better with her tooth care). The dentist used an orange toothbrush to show her how to brush effectively. The only problem was that the orange toothbrush was too big for her mouth, but they used it because she likes orange. The toothbrush came home with us. I am sure you can see where this is going.

The Orange Toothbrush

This morning I am cleaning up the kitchen before the bus came, and I told her I was just going to throw away the toothbrush because we really couldn’t use it. Commence the whining. . . and the laying on the floor. . .  that went on for the next five minutes. So I lost my cool. Threw the toothbrush at her. Told her to take it upstairs while yelling that this is why our house is a trash heap.

She needs to learn the lesson that you need to pick your battles. I told her that when she got home from school tonight and I was in a bad mood, she would know why. And I know how this afternoon will go. She will walk in the door and immediately ask to play with the neighbor girl. To which I will respond, not a chance (while in my mind adding “in hell” to the end of the response). Then the whining will begin again. Will she stop to realize that a useless orange toothbrush is not worth not being able to play with her friend? Will she learn to pick her battles? Probably not.

Mom Doubts

Some days I really wonder whether I was cut out for this mom thing. The littlest one has really tried my patience at times. She has made me doubt all of my abilities as a mom. I know that we will eventually reach a place where we don’t fight every day, but we are not there yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love her like crazy ALL the time, but sometimes I just don’t like her so much.

Callie and Mom

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