A Short History of the Girl Next Door: A Review

A Short History of the Girl Next Door

So for my first book review, I decided to pick a book from a local author. Jared Reck published his debut novel last month.  A Short History of the Girl Next Door is from my favorite genre young adult. Not only is Jared Reck a local author, but he was also my daughter Brenna’s 8th grade English teacher! I think he helped her develop her love for writing. She is now pursuing a degree in English and a minor in writing. 

A Short History of the Girl Next Door

A Short History of the Girl Next Door is a great example of YA fiction. The main character, Matt, is a 15 year old freshman in high school. He has had the same best friend and neighbor since he was a baby and that friend just so happens to be a girl. The book is filled with basketball, friendships, love and also heartbreak. I rarely cry while reading books or watching movies, but I cried while reading this book. The depth of emotion that Reck is able to portray is phenomenal. This book is easy to read, and I guarantee you won’t want to put it down.

The use of a few well placed F-Bombs

I would be remiss if I failed to mention the one aspect of this book that I feel sets it apart from other YA books.  A lot of the book takes place inside Matt’s head. We hear his inner dialog. This includes a fair amount of bad language as well. This use of bad language shows how a true 15 year old might be thinking during some of the more emotional scenes. I am the mom of a 15 year old freshman boy right now. It would be unrealistic of me to think that when he is angry at me that he is thinking to himself “golly gee mom you are really frustrating me!” Nope in fact he is probably thinking to himself, “Mom you are really pissing me off. Leave me the F*** alone!” Reck’s use of bad language makes his book more believable.

I would highly recommend this book for students middle school and up as well as adults of all ages! While the language might turn some parents off, I think it is used appropriately to portray a believable inner dialog. So get your copy of A Short History of the Girl Next Door by Jared Reck today!

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