The Tale of Two Halloween Costumes



Tuesday was Halloween. A holiday that  I have a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand, candy! On the other hand, costumes and drama and being cold. But on the other hand, candy. Oh wait I already mentioned the candy.

So of course our Halloween would not be complete without a some attitude from the little one. It all started about a month ago when she came to me asking to be a fox or more specifically if possible Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy’s. Well I wasn’t really into this idea. Her first 4 Halloween costumes were borrowed or made by me (and they were adorable, see below). But every year for the last 5 years, we have bought her a costume which have become increasingly more expensive each year. I just don’t understand spending $30-$50 on something they will wear once. They NEVER want to re wear a costume the next year. Well this just doesn’t go along with my thrifty self.

Homemade Dora Halloween Costume
Homemade Dora Costume
Skeleton Zombie and Mickey Mouse Halloween Costumes
Homemade Mickey Mouse Costume














I pulled out the Halloween box and found a costume that Brenna (my oldest) had worn 10 years ago. I had made her a fabulous hippy costume. This year will be the only year that it will also fit Callie. At first she put up a fight, but after telling her she would get to tye-dye her own shirt, she gave in.

Who wore it best? Hippy Halloween Costume

She wore it to dress up night at dance class twice and the girl scout party, but she seemed to be in a funk Halloween night. 5:45 rolls around and it is time to get dressed. Feet dragging and a pouty face, she puts on the costume. We take some pics where she is faking a smile and giving my a peace sign. Then out the door. . .

The Melt Down

As soon as we walk out, three neighborhood parents comment on the cool hippy costume. Callie stops in her tracks half way up the sidewalk to the first house. She is pouting and almost in tears. What to do? Make a stand and tell her she wears it or doesn’t trick or treat? No of course not, I’m not that mean (yet). I angrily ask her if she wants to wear last year’s costume instead. A teary nod of the head, and we trudge back up the hill to do a quick change into the less cool and interesting Charzard from last year. And the rest of Trick-or-Treat goes relatively smooth. Except like usual I am cold and our neighborhood has giant hills. But enough about my pouting for the evening.

Charzard Pokemon Halloween Costume

So here are a few things I took away from this experience.

First, I think I was a little hurt that she didn’t want to wear the incredible costume that I had made. With my own two hands! It drives me nuts that Halloween has become so commercialized. No one wants to be a police officer or a freakin hippy anymore. Or if they do, it’s a zombie cop!

Second, I guess it was a win because she ended up wearing the same store bought costumes two years in a row. Score one for mom!

And third, no matter how much pouting goes on, I need to take a deep breath and let it go because she doesn’t have too many Trick-or-Treats left.

All said and done, she did end up having a happy Halloween!


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