Welcoming 2018 With a New Outlook and Blog Focus

Starting 2018 With a New Outlook and Blog Focus

New Year, New Approach to My Blog Focus!

I started this blog in September with the goal of expressing my thoughts and hopefully helping other parents realize that we are not perfect and that we are all doing the best we can. I feel like I got off to a great start, but I hit a wall. Like I often face when trying something new, I start strong then something happens to throw me off course.

In November when I got sick, I started blogging less. And when I got sick again over Thanksgiving, I completely stopped. As often happens to me when the going gets tough, I quit. I listened to the voice in my head that said, “I have too much to get done, and my blog isn’t as important as everything else.”

Enter the New Year

I realize that not only do I need this blog to succeed for myself, but I know that there are parents out there that suffer from the same overwhelmed feelings I have. I am back and creating not only my usual blog posts about everyday parenting issues we all face, but I am also going to blog about new ways to manage a household and take back some control in our everyday lives.  

Through my blog I am hoping to create a space where all parents (mom, dads, working parents, SAHM, single, married) can come to receive help and sometimes validation for their thoughts and feelings. I am an occasionally working parent who struggles with voicing my opinions and feelings out loud. Which is the main reason I began blogging. I can write my thoughts instead of saying them! I work as a substitute teacher whenever my schedule and the jobs are available. This gives me a unique insight into both stay at home parenting and working outside the home. While I might reap the benefits of both worlds, I also can also understand the struggles both face.

Hello 2018, a New Start for My Blog

I want you, my readers, to share in this journey. Please leave me comments with problems you face in running a household or issues you have as a parent. I promise you are not alone! If I don’t have an idea on how to help, maybe one of my other readers will. We are all in this together with the goal of getting through life while raising decent little humans in the process.

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