Resolutions or Goals: Which is better?

With the start of the New Year, we all tend to look at our lives and think about what we would like to change or make better in the year ahead. We all make resolutions whether you write them down or just think of them in your head. Some people say they don’t make resolutions, they make goals. To that I say yes all resolutions are goals but not all goals are resolutions. Resolutions are goals you make at the start of a new year.

 Resolutions or Goals: Which is better?

Some people don’t like to call them resolutions because they have heard that most resolutions are never fulfilled. Well to that I say that it depends on you. If you make the resolution, it speaks to you and you make steps on how to achieve it, then I think you have a great chance of reaching your resolution. It is when we don’t actively try to complete the resolution that we fail.

I love goals and resolutions! I am a list maker at heart. I have never met a list that I didn’t love. The act of crossing something off of a list gives me joy. I have found that resolutions tend to work better when they are big enough to scare you a little but still something you can achieve. They should also be specific with a timeline for when you want to finish the goal. I like to use my bullet journal to keep track of all of my goals. It also helps me break down all of the steps I need to take to reach my goals. 

 Resolutions or Goals: Which is better?

Like most of you, I have goals in many areas of my life. I realize they are not specific but rather a place to start when planning out how I want my year to go. Financial goals to save money and pay off bills. Heath goals to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more. Personal goals to floss every day which for some reason is a constant struggle for me. I also want to be more confident and initiate more conversations with people. And I have parenting goals. . .


Parenting Goal #1

I will be a better listener. . . well at least until the littlest one starts to tell me about something from Minecraft or Five Nights at Freddy’s. Then I will stop listening after 5 seconds because I have no time for that and it makes no sense to me.

Parenting Goal #2

I will be on time. . . who am I kidding. The only time I am late is because one of the kids can’t find something or has decided that today is turtle speed day and everything must be done in slow motion.

Parenting Goal #3

I will yell less. . . okay I will yell less if the kids do what I tell them the first or second or even third time I ask. But if I get to a fourth time all bets are off!


While I joke about my parenting goals, I do have these definite resolutions in mind as I go forward with the new year. I do hope to listen more and yell less. Whether I actually achieve these resolutions remain to be seen. What “resolutions” have you made this year and what steps are you taking to achieve these resolutions?

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  1. I need to investigate this bullet journaling you speak of. I usually just use scrap paper/old envelopes or even back of a receipt to make a list, but the journal would definately make me (at least look) more organized! Many of the same goals/resolutions as you…but I’ll add “stop biting my nails” to mine! 😉

    1. I highly recommend a bullet journal. I like that it is a blank space that you can put whatever you want inside. If something doesn’t work for you, just move on to a new layout that works! In the next few weeks, I will be talking more about what a bullet journal is and giving some ideas on how to use it effectively. Good luck on the nail biting! I know it is something you struggle with 🙂

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