Instituting Change and Loving Life

As many of you noticed, I have not been posting for the last several months. I will explain why, but first I wanted to say that I appreciate those of you who have come back. I hope you enjoy the new content that I will be posting in the near future.

Around February or March of last year I did what I do every year at the same time. I checked out. Yep that’s right, I stopped caring about literally everything. This happens every year. Mentally, emotionally, physically gone. Most people would probably not even realize it when they look at me. I still feed my kids, take them to their activities but deep down I don’t feel anything. Can I explain it? No, but finally reaching a point in my life where I can recognize that it happens has allowed me to start taking steps to try to change some things in my life. And those changes will hopefully make those months easier for me when they come around again.


The First Change:

I started a program on October first called #last90days by Rachel Hollis. The basic premise is to not give up now and wait to start new goals in the new year. We have 90 days left THIS year to make changes. In the program they set out five things for you to do EVERY day. Please go to her website or search on Instagram for #last90days to get more information. She explains it way better than I ever could.

The “Five to Thrive” have really changed not only my behavior but my mindset as well. I get up each morning and make a plan for the day. How will I be able to get all of my water in, will I be able to exercise at my normal time or do I need to plan for it later in the day, will I be somewhere that might tempt me to have soda?  These are all questions that I ask myself BEFORE I get into the actual situations so that I am in control when they come up throughout my day. My hope is that by doing this program for 90 days, I will develop these positive habits, and I will continue with them well into the new year and the months that I tend to struggle emotionally.


The Second Change:

The second change I made started with one of the five to thrive but led me to a deeper place. The last thing to do each day is write down 10 things you are grateful for. 10 things every day???? How is that even possible? I was sure I would have trouble with this, and I did at first. Being focused on the negative in my life has always been my “normal.” I wasn’t taking the time to see the little amazing things that happen to me every day. When I started writing them down, I was amazed with how happy it made me. I even started noticing the negative things a little less.

Write 10 things you are grateful for each day! And gratitude will change your heart!

The Last Change:

I started writing again. Yes this blog! Writing makes me incredibly happy. Putting my thoughts and feelings into words makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Even if only one person reads a post and comments that they understand where I am coming from, I feel like I have made a difference. And that feeling is pure euphoria!

My New Blog Focus:

Checking out emotionally was not the only reason quit blogging. I was not happy with where I was forcing my blog to go. I was trying to make into something that it wasn’t! Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I can hear you all asking, “What do you mean?” All of the hype about making hundreds of thousands of dollars just by blogging had sucked me in. What!! I want to make money doing what makes me happy, so I tried to force my blog to become something that it wasn’t. Poorly placed Amazon affiliate links were jammed into posts where they shouldn’t be. My journey as a parent, a wife and a woman has always been my main focus, but I found myself trying to blog about organizing and decorating because it was easy to add links to those posts. I just forgot one simple fact. . . I am a horrible decorator and lack most home organization skills.  

So I am back! You can expect new posts about my everyday life sprinkled with sarcasm and sass! I have thrown the Amazon links out the window and accepted that the joy I get from writing is reward enough. Feel free to comment on any posts that touch your life. I love feedback and honest discussion. Have a grateful day!

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