When College Kids Come Home for Winter Break

This is my daughter’s last week home before she goes back to college. Brenna is a sophomore, so this is not our first winter break. It is still hard to wrap my head around it though. For those of you with kids going off to college in the near future, just wait. It is an experience like no other.

They come home from college . . .

They come home for sometimes a month or more. And they are different people. College changes them. For the better in most ways but also for the worst too. They do whatever they want, whenever they want. So they stay up super late and wake up in the afternoon. Yep, you heard me right, afternoon! I sometimes don’t know whether to wish her a good morning or just walk away. Their independence can be refreshing like when they do their own laundry, or off putting like when they don’t call to let you know when they will be home.

Her new home. When Your College Kids Come Home for Winter Break. MyStory-MyBlog.com

Just when you have gotten used to them being gone, they come back. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the movies we went to see, the lunches out and the shopping trips. I love having her around, but it has also meant that I have not been truly alone in my house for over a month. For an introvert who likes and sometimes needs alone time, that is difficult.

Then they leave again . . .

This week is full of last minute appointments and packing and shopping. All in preparation for driving her back on Sunday. Of course the weather has to interfere and stress me out. We had to cancel her dentist appointment and her hair appointment. But we will make do and get what we can done. And I will enjoy every last second we have before she leaves.

Move in Day. When Your College Kids Come Home for Winter Break. MyStory-MyBlog.com

So I guess I am a little bit happy this week, but a lot more sad to see her go. I know she is happiest when she is at college. She has her friends who keep her busy and she is living her life. And next week I will have an empty house during the day and lots of quiet! (Unless the other kids have more snow days. Ugh, is winter over yet?)

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Welcoming 2018 With a New Outlook and Blog Focus

Starting 2018 With a New Outlook and Blog Focus

New Year, New Approach to My Blog Focus!

I started this blog in September with the goal of expressing my thoughts and hopefully helping other parents realize that we are not perfect and that we are all doing the best we can. I feel like I got off to a great start, but I hit a wall. Like I often face when trying something new, I start strong then something happens to throw me off course.

In November when I got sick, I started blogging less. And when I got sick again over Thanksgiving, I completely stopped. As often happens to me when the going gets tough, I quit. I listened to the voice in my head that said, “I have too much to get done, and my blog isn’t as important as everything else.”

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4 Ways I Screwed Up as a Mom this Week and Why it is Okay


Who feels like the worst mom ever at least once a week, if not once a day? I certainly do! We all screw up once in a while.

Ways I have screwed up as a mom this week:


Dropped my daughter back off at college and drove away without making sure she got inside. Got home 45 minutes later to find 4 missed calls and 5 text messages from her. She had ran through the parking lot, waving her arms trying to catch me because the ceiling above her desk had caved in from a water leak! I never looked in the rear view mirror because I was already busy thinking of the next 10 things on my “to do” list.

Dorm Room with ceiling damage

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The Joys of Picture Day . . . Insert Sarcasm Here

Every year we as moms encounter a day that makes us dig deep down inside and remember why we love our little angels. And that day is Picture Day!

Our mornings are already filled with breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, combing hair and making lunch. But today we add the enormous task of making our child look their very best because this day will be immortalized on our family room wall for the next year and at the grandparents house for all eternity. Today . . . this ordinary day will live on forever!

So the day begins like any other. Wake up the kid. Check. Eat breakfast. Check. Now the trouble starts. Brushing teeth, getting dressed and fixing the hair. For some reason step one and step two were taking forever. I even had to tell her twice to hurry up. Now she is moving at a snail’s pace and my irritation is growing.

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My Story. . .


The name of my blog is MyStory-MyBlog, so I guess the best place to start is with my story!

My story began in Colorado where I grew up and met my husband of 20 years. After living in both Alabama and Maryland, we finally decided to call Southern Pennsylvania our home. Our 3 kids are pretty much the center of our lives. My oldest daughter is 19 and is technically on her own at college right now, but comes home frequently. My son is almost 15 and a freshman in high school and my youngest daughter is in 3rd grade. So I have seen it all and lived to tell the tale!

Family Picture

I have a degree in English (but not in education which is what everyone assumes) and have been a stay at home mom since I graduated 20 years ago. I started substitute teaching last year to help contribute to the family while still being available for the kids before and after school and during the summer. Not really sure subbing is my life calling, but I enjoy my time with the kids. And it pays some bills until I find out what I want to do when I grow up.

Recently I realized that something has been missing from my life. I am an eternal introvert with a lot to say. But with no skills to say it out loud to actual people, I thought what better way to get my thoughts and feelings out to the world than a blog.

My family and my experiences will be the foundation about which I will write. I have some unique points of view when it comes to a variety of parenting and family topics. I hope you will come along with me and take part in my story!


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