To Swim or Not to Swim That is the Question

To swim or not to swim, that is the question.

Or rather to take swim lessons or not to take swim lessons. My youngest, Callie, took swim lessons as a preschooler and hated it! I mean one lesson she screamed the entire class and the instructor had to hold her . . .  the whole time. And it was all because she hates to put her head under water. I know swim lessons are a valuable tool to help prevent drowning but for us they were torture.

feet kicking in swimming pool

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The Joys of Picture Day . . . Insert Sarcasm Here

Every year we as moms encounter a day that makes us dig deep down inside and remember why we love our little angels. And that day is Picture Day!

Our mornings are already filled with breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, combing hair and making lunch. But today we add the enormous task of making our child look their very best because this day will be immortalized on our family room wall for the next year and at the grandparents house for all eternity. Today . . . this ordinary day will live on forever!

So the day begins like any other. Wake up the kid. Check. Eat breakfast. Check. Now the trouble starts. Brushing teeth, getting dressed and fixing the hair. For some reason step one and step two were taking forever. I even had to tell her twice to hurry up. Now she is moving at a snail’s pace and my irritation is growing.

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My Story. . .


The name of my blog is MyStory-MyBlog, so I guess the best place to start is with my story!

My story began in Colorado where I grew up and met my husband of 20 years. After living in both Alabama and Maryland, we finally decided to call Southern Pennsylvania our home. Our 3 kids are pretty much the center of our lives. My oldest daughter is 19 and is technically on her own at college right now, but comes home frequently. My son is almost 15 and a freshman in high school and my youngest daughter is in 3rd grade. So I have seen it all and lived to tell the tale!

Family Picture

I have a degree in English (but not in education which is what everyone assumes) and have been a stay at home mom since I graduated 20 years ago. I started substitute teaching last year to help contribute to the family while still being available for the kids before and after school and during the summer. Not really sure subbing is my life calling, but I enjoy my time with the kids. And it pays some bills until I find out what I want to do when I grow up.

Recently I realized that something has been missing from my life. I am an eternal introvert with a lot to say. But with no skills to say it out loud to actual people, I thought what better way to get my thoughts and feelings out to the world than a blog.

My family and my experiences will be the foundation about which I will write. I have some unique points of view when it comes to a variety of parenting and family topics. I hope you will come along with me and take part in my story!


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