Jeans Shopping . . . The Worst Errand Ever!

The turn in the weather made jeans shopping a necessity this week. . . the worst thing ever, well maybe second only to swimsuit shopping.

Jean Sale

I walked into Kohls armed with $60 in Kohls cash, a 20% off coupon and the will to find some jeans. My adventure began with scouring about 20 tables full of folded jeans, searching for my size (I will spare you the actual size). Of course, I have to dig through each and every pile in search of the right size because there seems to be no easy way to organize jeans in a store.

The Joy of Having Long Legs

My first difficulty lies in that I am just slightly too tall to wear regular length jeans. The hilarious part of it all is that sometimes the longs are way too long, leaving me in this weird limbo world where nothing seems to fit. So once I locate my size, I have to search for a “long” which is ridiculously hard to find. They have “shorts” in every style and brand but “longs” are rare. Adding to the length problem, I am now currently in between sizes. The bigger size is comfy, but I find myself always pulling up my jeans. On the other hand, the smaller size makes me feel like a sausage, and I can’t sit comfortably. So which way to go?

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